The New Dye Studio

WooSheeps may have seemed to be keeping a low profile earlier this year, this was due to my moving out of the kitchen, and into a new dye studio!
This sounds posher than it actually is. At the far end of a neglected part of the garden, there is an old greenhouse, which the previous owners had extended with, what looks like, someone's old conservatory.

With Lola supervising, I ruthlessly removed the old leaky roof,


There is in every enterprise of this sort, the point of no return.


With my neighbour's and Sue's help, the new joists went up, in quick time.


Soon there was a shiny new tin roof. You can see the Southern most point of Scotland from up here, that's the Mull of Galloway and the Isle of Man in the distance.


Things started coming together in March. Except for the roofing sheets and timber, almost everything was reclaimed or reused.


After struggling in the kitchen, with dye pots vying for position with dinner, I was looking forward to having all this space to play in. Soon I had power and water too.


And here we are, dyeing a Boogie Nights set, and getting in the mood.


Now, I can get into production, we are already expanding our range with mini skeins, DK skeins, new gradient sets, and premium sock weight. We are working with exciting designers with plans for kits and, as the cliché goes, much much more.