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We are best known for our splendid gradient packs, which are available in both our Dick and Angus bases, in 5 x 50g hanks, and now 5 x 20g, allowing you to create something truly marvellous.

What can you do with a WooSheeps gradient pack?

Here are some links to the Ravelry project pages featuring fantastic creations made with WooSheeps gradient packs.

This wonderful shawl pattern, Stormy Monday, was designed by Evelina Murach specifically for the gradient pack of the same name.

Click the image to go and see it.

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DyedInTheWool not only designed the dazzling Cowls Just Want To Have Fun cowl in our Boogie Nights set, but has also incorporated a Rainbow set into her fantastic Stripes Go Crazy cardigan.

Click the images to go see

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Talisein has also used stormy Monday to create a wonderful, and huge, Red Katana shawl.

Image click, click image, you know the drill.

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